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"What’s virgin mean?"
- Mommy?
- Yes, darling…
- What’s virgin mean?
- Sorry darling?
- What does virgin mean?
- Girls and boys, I mean grownups bodies are different but they are made to fit together in a very clever way. Like a jigsaw.
- Like the jigsaws grandpa does?
- Yes. I mean no no, you see, Daddy has a special thing and when mommy and daddy love each other a lot then daddy takes his special thing and puts it in mommy’s special place.
- Winchester?
- No darling. A special place on mommy’s body and uh that makes mommy feel very happy. It makes daddy feel happy as well. And eventually after a while, sometimes quite quickly Daddy gets so happy there’s a sort of whoosh and all of daddy’s little seeds race out and rush to get to mommy’s egg. And that is called making love. Anyway until you do it for the first time, you’re well a virgin. I think that just about covers it.
- So what’s extra virgin mean?


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