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В данном разделе собраны некоторые радиопередачи на английском языке радиостанции "Голос Америки", которая выпускает программы для изучающих английский с 1959 года. Используемый словарный запас специально ограничен примерно 1500 словами; предложения короткие, а скорость ниже нормальной.

Эти программы представляют собой мировые новости, а также новости науки, медицины, образования, экономики, американской истории, жизни в США и других странах.

Если радиопередачи слишком сложны для вас, но вы хотите их понимать, приходите ко мне на занятия. Будем заниматься по программе "Общий английский".
American Mosaic is a program about music, pop culture & life in the US
Latina Blues Singer Releases New CD (4:03)
Evelyn Rubio does not criticize men in her songs. She says, “I really think there are so many good guys out there ... .”
Cinderella' Is More Than Just a Movie for Kids (4:25)
The new Disney movie made $70 million in ticket sales last weekend and will make more.
Taylor Swift, Beyonce Top Music and Money Lists (4:31)
Swift's new album is on top of Billboard Magazine’s top two hundred albums list for a second week.
In the News explains the main news stories of the day to help make sense of our world.
Carter: Saudi Leaders Support Iran Deal (2:48)
The Turkish government blocked Twitter; 20 people were killed in 2 suicide bombings in Cameroon; the U.S. Attorney General said ...
US, Cuba Restore Diplomatic Relations (6:02)
U.S. defense secretary visits Israel; Afghan police say US-led airstrike killed Afghan soldiers; a Japanese company apologizes ...
Greece, Europe Reach New Debt Agreement (5:35)
Also in the news, Iran nuclear negotiations continue; mixed economic results for June in China; Pope Francis returns to ...
Science In the News is our show about news from the worlds of environment and science.
Personal Flying Vehicles Close to Reality (4:31)
People have long dreamed of being able to fly around as simply as riding a bicycle. Yet the safety of a flying bike was a problem ...
Robots Ready to Work in Restaurants (4:02)
For many years, machines have been doing work that people once did. Search and rescue operations employ high technology robots.
Surgical Glue Approved for Use Inside the Body (5:21)
The new medical glue can hold tissue together. TissueGlu is the first glue to be approved for use in medical operations.
This is America explores popular places across the US.
The Changing Face of America (6:56)
The faces of Americans in the U.S. are changing rapidly. In a few decades, the minority population will become the majority, ...
More American Fathers Stay Home to Raise Kids (12:10)
More and more fathers in the U.S. are trading in the traditional role of breadwinner -- the person earning money -- for the role of ...
The 25 Most Popular Cities to Visit in America (13:10):
New York, Chicago, Charleston, Las Vegas, Seattle, San Francisco, Washington, New Orleans, Palm Springs, San Diego, St. Louis ...
Words and Their Stories explains idioms and expressions that sometimes are difficult.
OK, Okay, Okey-Dokey Are A-Okay (5:15)
Okay, this week we look at one of the most commonly used words in the English language and maybe around the world. But ...
American Expressions in the Home (5:06)
Some people enjoy spending a lot of time in their homes to make them nice places to live. This is called nesting or ...
Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! (4:58)
We tell the interesting story of how pilots came to use the word “mayday,” and the story of some other French words that ...
Learning English Broadcast use a limited vocabulary and are read at a slower pace.
Program - 1 (30:00) 02/07/2016
Program - 2 (30:00) 01/07/2016
Program - 3 (30:00) 30/06/2016
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